Fill out the form if you're ready for a change!


Fill out the form if you're ready for a change!

I will help you reach your full potential

Are you looking for a program that makes exercise and nutrition easy to follow? I’ve been in your position and I know exactly how to help!

My approach to training is unique and diverse. My goal and passion is to help you blossom and watch your whole life improve – I will provide EVERY single tool that you need in becoming the next version of yourself.

The only thing I ask you is: Are you ready? If the answer is yes, then allow me to help, because I know that with my strategy you will succeed. Guaranteed.

My overall goal is to help you achieve yours.

With my experience I found that I can connect and relate to anyone and help them reach their goal. Regardless if it is getting more confident, being able to ask someone out, maybe getting a better life routine or just being happy with the image they see in the mirror.

I believe that eating healthy and training correctly is a good foundation for everything in life. No need to hesitate anymore, you are about to make a life-changing decision and I will be by your side.

Customized plans

I will put together a complete meal- and workoutplan, which will be carefully customized for your needs and goals. I will always take possible eating habits or injuries into consideration. You plans will also be updated if necessary, so we can keep the process fun and motivating.

Showcase videos

There will be available videos for each exercise in your workout plan, so you can easily see which ones you need to do and how to do them correctly. In that way, we lower the chances of possible injuries.

Chat & tracking

Every week you'll do a check-in on the app, meaning that you'll upload your results and evaluate on key factors such as your motivation, sleep and much more. Doing so, I'll know exactly how to keep you on the right path towards your goal. You can always reach out to me on the chat function, if you have any questions whatsoever.

Full support

My guidance and full support throughout the whole course.

Clients of FITBENY.

So we got you covered. But who is Benjamin?

As a kid I was never that much into sports, because I hadn’t found any activity that I truly enjoyed. But everything changed when I started martial arts at the age of 8. I loved the diversity of the sport and I loved the changes I could see in my body from doing bodyweight training. In my teenage years we started to involve gym work in our martial arts practices. Soon my attention turned to the aesthetic side of training, which has brought me here. I am a fully qualified personal trainer and I have a wide knowledge of proper training and balancing fitness with diet and nutrition.

I know how to reach my maximal natural potential, and now I want to help you reach yours too!

Enough talking. Let's take some action.

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And let's you and I work together.

Sign up for a non-binding Conversation.

And let's you and I work together.